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Julie Nolta

Hi, I'm Julie, Chief Executive Empress

of my little apple green design studio.

Welcome to my blog!

When I'm not out visiting a client or searching for just the right  product for a project, I can probably be found in my happy little studio (painted the perfect shade of green), busy drawing up new ideas for a cool kitchen or a "spa-licious" bathroom. I like to share the fun stuff I find along the way!


apple green studio

5 ways to cozy up your home for fall

5 ways to dress up your home for fall

The days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school and Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING reigns supreme. All that to say it’s time to think about bringing cozy back into your home. Here’s my top five ways to dress up your home for fall:

#1 Refresh the mantel

Soon you’ll be wanting to snuggle up around the fire, so pay some attention to the mantel. Try bringing in some more candles, add a few pumpkins or gourds and maybe a piece of art that reflects Fall perfectly. (Dontcha love the refreshing aqua paint color with all that orange?!) And if you don’t have a fireplace, how about a nice centerpiece on the dining room table instead? Photo:

#2 Fall Flora

Bring the outside in. Grab some cute baby pumpkins, (white or orange); pick up some branches or twigs while you’re walking the dog or colorful leaves before they get all soggy with the rain. You can make an arrangement of this stuff about anywhere. Buy a bunch of apples and pears and put them in a pretty bowl or tray on the counter. Whatever reminds you of a crisp, October morning will fit the bill. Photo:

#3 Cozy Comforts

Who doesn’t love a toasty blanket and pillows? I especially love these Wayfair sweater pillows in great autumn colors. They’re the perfect things to layer around your family and living room and encourage you to cozy up with a good book and a cup of your favorite “something hot.”

(PS Ever seen a Mermaid Snuggie?! Fun AND cozy!! You can get yours here.)

#4 Candles & Scents

Nothing says FALL like walking into a house that smells like cinnamon, apple, and pumpkin pie. You can bring those warm scents into your home with hand soaps, potpourri, diffusers, or candles. Or throw some cinnamon sticks, orange rinds and cloves in some water to simmer on the stove. Just stick to one scent at a time, though, so no one is gagging!

#5 Paint it Pumpkin!

If you wanna say “FALL'S HERE!” in a big way, paint yourself an accent wall. And here’s the perfect color called, you guessed it: “Pumpkin.” It’s Miller Paint’s Color of the Month (if you’re ready to rush right out and buy some, the color number is E0086) and here’s their suggestion:

“Bring this warm, unexpected neutral into your home, and decorate with jewel-tone accents like emerald green and deep blues and purples. Creams and crisp white can lighten the feeling of a room with so many rich colors, and will make Pumpkin stand out.”

So, there you go: 5 ways to dress up your house for fall. Let the season inspire you to have some decorating fun!

If you’re wanting to freshen up your décor for fall and the upcoming holidays, but don’t have a clue about how to pull it off, give me a call or email toot sweet! I make Fall house calls and can help cozy up your space so you’ll be proud to show it off to company!

PS If you want to re-create the pumpkin/succulent arrangement at the top of the page, here's a tutorial from Simply Happenstance. • 971-322-7000


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