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Hi, I'm Julie, Chief Executive Empress

of my little apple green design studio.

Welcome to my blog!

When I'm not out visiting a client or searching for just the right  product for a project, I can probably be found in my happy little studio (painted the perfect shade of green), busy drawing up new ideas for a cool kitchen or a "spa-licious" bathroom. I like to share the fun stuff I find along the way!


apple green studio

How to choose a knock out front door color

choose a front door color

Photo: Pexels

I’ve been waiting around for a few months to talk about this because who wants to be working outdoors during the middle of winter? But now that spring is finally here, we can start thinking about outside projects: like how badly the front door could use a coat of paint!

If it’s about time to paint yours, why not choose an interesting or unexpected color that puts a smile on your face when you come home every day?

yellow front door

But before you go rushing down to the paint store, I’ve got a few things for you to keep in mind when you’re choosing that perfect color for your front door.

Make a statement

The front door is the focal point of your house, so make it a stand out! Take the opportunity to add an accent color and a dash of your own personality.

For sophistication and elegance, try darker colors like navy, black or gray. Bright colors like some oranges and yellows and lime green are energetic, while softer colors say “traditional.”

This striking house is next door to one of my clients.

Wish I could say I'd picked the colors!

Photo by - Charles Cherney on flickr

choosing a color for front door

I took these photos on a real estate tour last year.

All the doors were painted different colors!

choosing front door colors

If you have a particular favorite you want to try, I say go for it. One of my recent clients had wanted a red front door since she was a little girl. No problem. Just make sure you pay attention to the next two tips and pick the RIGHT red!

Take your home’s style into account

The architecture and style of your house may suggest certain colors. Typically a Craftsman will look its best in deep, rich colors where Victorian style houses tend to be lighter and sometimes pastels.

choosing front door colors

Photo: unknown Pinterest source

Mid-Century colors are bright and clean and are commonly mixed with a neutral.

(I think this one was chosen to match the stripe in the street!)

And it just seems natural for houses at the beach to use misty blues and greens and grays.

You’ll also want to pay attention to your existing wall and trim colors, and don’t forget the roof. Your door color should coordinate with any other colors going on in the brick or stonework, and sometimes even the landscaping.

Here’s the front door of a homeowner who took that very literally. And it’s stunning!

choosing front door colors

Also, it’s best to take your paint swatches to the location where you’ll actually be using the color. In this case, tape them to the front door, stand back and make sure it all works together. And in case you’re going to paint the front door yourself, here’s some helpful instructions about how to do it.

Use that color wheel!

I believe you can put any two colors together as long as they both share the same undertones. Remember the stuff I wrote last month about how to use a color wheel?

how to use a color wheel

There are 4 rings on a color wheel: the outside ring is the clear colors, and the other rings are the colors mixed with black, gray, or white. As long as your two colors are in the same ring (or in the same piece of the pie) you’ll be fine using them together. And now I want pie!

Just for fun here are a few more colorful door photos I love:

In this house they painted the inside of the front door as well as the outside, and dang, does it look great!

choosing front door colors

Photo: unknown source on Pinterest

Millennial pink, anyone?

Photo: kulturnik on Flickr

I've been driving past this little cottage for years, and I still think it's about the cutest thing ever!

I'm just realizing I should have been giving you names of some of these front door colors, so if you see anything you like, holler and I'll send you some suggestions!

So what color is your front door? Inspired to try something new? Leave me a comment - - I'd love to hear from you!




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