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design services

I can help you solve your home design dilemma,

big or small.


My service packages are affordable and customize-able to fit your needs.

Not sure which package is right for you?  

Get more info below.

(Or email me and let’s chat!)




interior design consultations

With a personal design consultation, you get in-home,

one-on-one time with me to pick my design brain for friendly, non-judgmental advice about whatever your little heart needs help with.


That could include:

  • helping you pick the perfect paint color -- interior or exterior

  • ideas for solving a pesky design or organizational dilemma that's been bothering you

  • advice on how to get started on the remodel or room makeover you’re dreaming of

  • recommendations on how to get your home ready for a faster sale

  • advice on making the process of down-sizing easier

  • VIP shopping for you or with you for furnishings and accessories  

             …or whatever else you might be thinking about!


My fee is $120 per hour with a one hour minimum.


room design

interior decorator portland

If you want to give your room a simple update or a complete makeover, this package is for you.


It's completely customizable depending on whether you'd like to use what you have and add new accents, or if you want to completely start over with new furnishings and accessories. I source the pieces, put together the plan, and you do the purchasing at your own pace.

I charge a flat fee based on the size of the project, usually starting around $1,500.


Sound good? Let's get started! 

Email me about scheduling an appointment to discuss your project.

Include some information about what you'd like to accomplish and when you'd like to start.

I can usually get back to you within a few hours. 

I look forward to working with you!

Get started
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