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Julie Nolta

Hi, I'm Julie, Chief Executive Empress

of my little apple green design studio.

Welcome to my blog!

When I'm not out visiting a client or searching for just the right  product for a project, I can probably be found in my happy little studio (painted the perfect shade of green), busy drawing up new ideas for a cool kitchen or a "spa-licious" bathroom. I like to share the fun stuff I find along the way!


apple green studio

Harness the Power of the Pillow: Tips on decorating with throw pillows

Back when we were kids, just about the best thing a pillow was good for was whapping your brother. (Jeff and Dave, you might have had it coming!)

Since then I’ve come to appreciate throw pillows for their super powers when it comes to decorating. Here are a few tips on how to decorate with throw pillows and how to harness their power for good (and NOT hitting your brother) in your home.

Create an instant makeover

If your room is looking a little dated or tired, try changing out your throw pillows. It’s THE quickest way to add some style or change the mood. You can experiment with a new look and it won’t break the bank. A little shopping trip and a flick of the wrist when you get home is about all it takes. J

Hit up home and furniture stores or even craft and fabric stores for new color and style trends, and grab a few of your favorites to take home. Places like HomeGoods will have WALLS of options to choose from.

Here's a couple of styles that are hot at the moment:

Ethnic looking kilims which look great in a contemporary space...

decorating with throw pillows

And some patchwork, embroidered silks that would totally fit in a boho styled room...

decorating with throw pillows

If you’re starting with a completely neutral sofa, like this white one for example, you could change your pillows out as often as you wanted and your room would take on a whole new look in the blink of an eye. (Not necessarily including that blue accent wall back there!)

decorating with throw pillows

Add accent colors for some punch

Not sure where to start, or afraid of buying the wrong thing? Look to your artwork or other fabrics in the room for color inspiration (like pillows, drapery, etc). Pick out one of those colors and buy some solid colored pillows and/or something in a coordinating pattern that features that color.

Look at the drapes in this photo and then notice that some of the pillows are the exact same fabric but they’ve also included some solid green that makes quite the statement in that room.

decorating with throw pillows

Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Mixing colors and patterns can be tricky, but the basic idea is that all the fabrics you’re putting together should have the same color palette in common.

This photo shows a simple version of pattern mixing - - a deep blue and white geometric, a solid blue, and then shades of white but in different textures. A beautiful, pulled together room thanks to the power of the pillow!

decorating with throw pillows

This pattern mixing idea is a biggie, and it's your ticket to creating fun and beautiful rooms, so next week I’ll write more about how you can expertly pull it off.

Can you have too many?

Some people like lots and lots of pillows, and some actively avoid making the bed in the morning because of all the pillows! I would say that if you can’t hardly see the bed or the sofa for all the pillows, you might want to re-think things.

I know the look they were going for here, but to some this MIGHT be too much of a good thing. Somebody was sure dead on with the pattern mixing though!

(I count 10 pillows on this bed, but who knows how many are hiding under that pile!)

A couple thoughts: in the design world, odd numbers usually look the best, so groups of 3 or 5 pillows can the job done and look great. However, if you can keep it all looking tidy or organized, you can get away with more. (Incidentally, both of those beds have the same number of pillows.)

So, now that you know how to unleash the super powers of the right pillow, go out and be a designing Wonder Woman (or Super Man)!

And just out of curiosity, how many pillows do YOU have on your bed? :-D



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