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15 decorating tips to get you in the Christmas spirit

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving full of family and friends and good food. We had a gorgeous dinner (all 17 of us!) at my niece’s darling little house in Camas, and I STILL feel full.

December is just a week away and, hang on(!), Christmas is going to be here before we know it. So to get us both in the holiday mood, I’ve put together 15 decorating tips to bring some Christmas spirit into your home. Here we go!

Christmas decorating tips


Add winter textiles

Swap out your regular accent pillows for seasonal pillows in cozy plaids, etc. And add a fleecy blanket to stay warm while you watch Charlie Brown or The Grinch (my personal favorite).


Display greeting cards

Hang up a ribbon or some twine and use clothespins to hang your greeting cards all month long. You could do this on the mantel, across a window, a mirror, or about anywhere!


Let it snow

Pile artificial snow on a silver platter, a mirrored tray or a charger with vintage glass ornaments and votives to create a dramatic effect. Place it on a coffee table or the dinner table as a centerpiece.


Bring the outside in

Have any cool branches outside? Pick them and spray paint them silver and gold for elegant and vintage reminiscent decor. Or leave them natural with the moss on, arrange them in pots and use them to hang rustic ornaments.


It's the berries

For an elegant and colorful centerpiece, fill clear vases of different sizes with cranberries and water, or even a string of gold or silver beads. Float a candle on top for some extra sparkle.


Fill 'er up

Christmas decorating tips

Fill large, pretty glass containers with ornaments, candy canes, bows, or other objects that fit in with your decorating theme.


Wrap it up

Use wrapping paper in simple frames as holiday art. You could also tie ribbons around these like packages.


Put a bow on it

Wrap your front door with w-i-i-i-de ribbon to look like a Christmas present. And don’t forget the big bow and maybe a welcome sign shaped like a large gift tag.


Add a runner

For your dining table, try a runner with round glass ornaments grouped down the length of the table. You can mix in sprigs of greenery, pinecones, or peppermints.


Don't forget the chandelier

Decorate your dining room chandelier with garland and hang colorful ornaments on pretty ribbon.


Bake some gingerbread

Christmas decorating tips

Make gingerbread men, trim them with white icing and hang them on the tree as ornaments. It will make the house smell great! Or put them in clear plastic bags, tie them with a pretty ribbon and give them to guests as a “thank you for coming.”


Make delicious name tags

Christmas decorating tips

Instead of place cards for a holiday dinner, make or buy cookies in Christmas shapes and write your guest’s names in icing to place at their setting.


Dress up candle sticks

Use candelabras and place decorative round ornaments on top and group them on your mantelpiece or hall table.


Create new candle holders

Turn a few wine glasses upside down on a gold or red charger, tuck ornaments up under the glasses and use the top to hold a votive candle. Ooo! Sparkly!


Spice it up

While you’re busy decorating or hosting a party, make the house smell festive and fabulous by simmering orange rinds, cinnamon sticks, fresh cranberries, and cloves or rosemary sprigs in some water on the stove.

So there you have 15 easy tips to bring some Christmas spirit into your home! If you’d like more ideas or photos and how-to's on some of these tips, check out my Christmas Decorating Ideas Pinterest page.

And if you're feeling overwhelmed with the idea of decorating your home for the holidays or don’t have time to do it yourself, I can help! Check out my Christmas Deck Your Halls decorating service.