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fireplace wall sketch
fireplace wall sketch
fireplace after photo

Here's how I can help you...


If you’re a builder or a general contractor, and a little nervous about working with a designer, you might be pleasantly surprised. 


My mission is to make your job easier by helping your client make all those decisions that you don’t have time to do or may not feel comfortable doing - - like choosing surface materials, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and paint colors. And we get these decisions made in plenty of time so that you can keep your kitchen or bathroom remodel job on schedule and on budget.


I help clients visualize their finished project with elevations, floor plans and 3D drawings, provide you with detailed lists of our selections, and make sure everyone is updated regularly.  I also do tile drawings and paint schedules for your subs.


If you’d like to save a whole lot of time and money, not to mention headaches (!), call or email me, or let’s do coffee. I’m here to help!




I learned years ago that a committee shouldn’t pick the color of the paint or carpet. 

It was a real joy to share with Julie our ideas and have her put together a complete design program for Tilikum.  Our retreat center décor was in need of an upgrade. and it was so much fun to begin painting and purchasing décor items, knowing we were headed in the right direction.  Thank you, Julie, for your eye for design and your practical ideas to accomplish the goal.

                                                            Dennis Littlefield

                                                                   Executive Director, Tilikum Retreat Center


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