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Holiday Decorating Service

'Tis the season!

So it’s that time of year again - - the holiday season - - which means you’re probably thinking about getting together with friends, planning a party, or even having guests coming to stay. You want your home to be warm and welcoming, but who has time to do all that decorating after long days at work? You wish someone would just come over and do it for you so you could sit down already.


That’s where I come in!

In just a few hours I can have your house ready for Christmas company and have you smiling because now you have time to relax for awhile.


I can help you with things like:

  • trimming the tree

  • creating centerpieces for your dining or coffee table

  • decorating your mantel

  • finding new uses for decor items you already have

  • shopping for new items to fill in or replace things you're tired of (this could include non-holiday furnishings or accessories as well)

              …and maybe even bring along an elf to hang lights!


Here’s how it works:

Time’s already running short, so you email or call me right away to schedule your Decorating Day!  We’ll talk about exactly what you need me to do, what you have in the way of décor and what, if anything, you need me to shop for. And it would help if you could email me some photos of your rooms before we talk.


I will show up at your house on decorating day with tons of ideas, plus anything you’ve asked me to purchase, and lots of energy to get everything done. And I’ll collect payment from you at that time. 

When I'm finished, you can cross one huge thing off your To Do list and enjoy how lovely everything looks.


How much does it cost?

For a minimum of three hours, I charge $249 which is a $50 discount off my regular fee, so Merry Christmas

to you!


If your project will take longer than a few hours, or if you need me to shop for you, my hourly rate is $99. And, naturally, I’ll need to receive payment ahead of time for any items you want me to purchase.

Email me TODAY

if you'd like to schedule a time for me to come Deck Your Halls,

or if you have any questions at all.  I'm oh so happy to help!






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